On Rate My Professors

@ Metropolitan State University
CJS 201: Foundations in Criminal Justice
CJS 301: Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CJS 320: Criminology and Public Policy
CJS 333: Gangs
CJS 335: Homicide Studies
CJS 340: Comparative Criminal Justice
CJS 356: Violence in America
CJS 490: Capstone in 
Criminal Justice
CJS 610: Graduate Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CJS 620: Causation and Prevention of Crime
CJS 690: Praxis II

@ Fort Hays State University 
SOC 140: Introduction to Sociology
SOC 388: Sociology of the Family in America
IDS 350: Multiculturalism in the United States

@ Ruskin College Oxford
Economy and Society
Independent Studies I
Independent Studies II
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Politics
Nuts and Bolts: Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Science
Research Methods in the Social Sciences

@ The University of Oxford
Sociological Analysis (Graduate Teaching Assistant to Prof. Anthony Heath)