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Supreme Court Second Amendment case puts gun control laws at risk, Teen Vogue, November 3.

Why men are behind the vast majority of America's gun violence, ABC News, November 3.

We must understand shooters, to end the gun killing, Sentinel-Tribune, November 3.

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Media headlines dangerously sensationalize Parkland gunman's guilty plea, Media Matters for America, October 23.

Colorado's deadliest shooters: Male, mostly young and signs of mental illness, The Denver Gazette, October 19.

Why so many shootouts? Pretty simple answer, experts say, Pioneer Press, October 17.

Accused St. Paul bar shooter could have been in prison, Pioneer Press, October 17.

New push to divert youth from juvenile court in Ramsey County stirs controversy, Star Tribune, October 17.

Charlotte feels the impact as shootings into occupied properties rise, WFAE, October 14.

How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic - Part 2, Real Crime Profile, October 13.

The shooter’s wife: Noor Salman, wife of the Pulse Nightclub gunman, is ready to speak, Vice, October 13.

Expert explains what makes a mass shooting—and why it matters, KARE-11, October 11.

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How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic - Part 1, Real Crime Profile, October 4.

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‘I don’t want to hit my children. I don’t want to hit anybody’, New York Times, October 1.

Black residents of Minneapolis say they need more cops—not fewer, The Nation, September 30.

How to stop a school shooter, The 74 Million, September 7.

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Why are there shoes on power lines, Where Are All The Baby Pigeons?, July 22.

School safety and security for Fall 2021, AEC Info, July 21.

Opinion: Mental illness a poor predictor of mass shootings, Cincinnati Enquirer, July 8.

Drug-dealers are finding the always-on culture a chore, The Economist, July 3.

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Helping those in crisis – and gun control, too, NRA-ILA, May 17.

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Ep. 18 gangs and mass shootings with James Densley, The Criminology Academy, May 10.

Authorities are trying to determine why Rigby Middle School shooting happened, KPVI, May 8.

With more shootings, what’s St. Paul doing to address it now and what can be done?, Pioneer Press, May 8.

Idaho shooting: Very few school incidents committed by girls, Associated Press, May 7.

In US, children return to school -- but so do the guns, France 24, May 7. Reprinted: Barrons; Newsmax.

A horrible history: Colorado’s plague of mass shootings, The Bold, April 29.

US gun sales hit record in first quarter, China Daily, April 27.

March was a record month for first-time gun buyers after Atlanta, Boulder mass shootings, Daily Beast, April 26.

1st-time gun buyers help push record U.S. gun sales amid string of mass shootings, NPR, April 26.

51: How to stop a mass shooting epidemic w/ James Densley, Incel Podcast, April 21.

After FedEx shooting, Indianapolis grieves, Wall Street Journal, April 17.

Taking a closer look at mass shootings in the U.S., NBC-DFW, April 16.

A partial list of mass shootings in the United States in 2021, New York Times, April 16.

Multiple people dead at FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis, Sydney Morning Herald, April 16.

What we know about the FedEx shooting in Indianapolis, Wall Street Journal, April 16.

FedEx shooting in Indianapolis leaves at least eight dead, Wall Street Journal, April 16.

Omenia trebuie să ghideze acțiunea polițienească--interviu cu James Densley, Radio France Internationale, April 15.

Law enforcement training experts weigh in on Daunte Wright traffic stop, KARE-11, April 13.

No badges. No guns. Can violence interrupters help Minneapolis?, Christian Science Monitor, April 13.

How ending child abuse and improving mental health care could prevent mass shootings, Global News, April 12.

How we label mass killers, Global News, April 12.

U.S. experts identify four key commonalities among mass shooters, Global News, April 12.

Sur l’épineux sujet des armes, Joe Biden avance à petits pas, Libération, April 8.

Main stream media super spreaders, NRA-ILA, April 5.

After three deadly gun rampages, survivors and experts fear what comes next, Washington Post, April 3.

Minnesota stalemate on gun laws is contrast to broader national momentum, Star Tribune, April 3.

Interview: La pandémie semble avoir exacerbé le risque de tuerie de masse aux Etats-Unis, Libération, April 3.

Experts say police use of force also on trial with Derek Chauvin, KSTP, April 2.

Orange gunman locked gates of office complex before killing 4; police say he knew victims, LA Times, April 1.

America’s failed attempt to ban assault weapons, Wall Street Journal, April 1.

How many mass shootings have there been in 2021 so far? It depends how you count, Newsweek, April 1.

4 Killed, including child, in mass shooting at California office complex, People, April 1.

Gun violence column points to need for more interventions on childhood trauma, other crises,, April 1.

4 killed, including child, in shooting at office building in Orange, California, CBS8, March 31.

4 Killed in Shooting at a Southern California Office Building, New York Times, March 31.

Restore humane shield to juvenile criminal records, Star Tribune, March 31.

After a year without mass school shootings, experts sound the alarm about a ‘return to normal’, The 74, March 30.

Will a return to normal post-pandemic mean a return of mass shootings?, Fast Company, March 29.

Opinion: Two weeks, two mass shootings — back to normal for America, LA Times, March 27.

Newsy Tonight with Chance Seales, Newsy, March 26.

Eine Wartephase nach dem Waffenkauf würde einen Zeitpuffer schaffen, Der Standard, March 26.

Vice News Tonight, Vice, March 25.

A heavily armed man at a grocery store adds to anxiety in Atlanta, New York Times, March 25.

The way we think about ‘mass shootings’ ignores many Black victims, The Trace, March 25. Reprinted: Slate.

Colorado is one of four states whose laws don't prohibit someone with a mental illness from owning firearms, CNN, March 25.

Diese Waffen werden glorifiziert, Badische Zeitung, March 25.

Columbine and the era of the mass shooter, two decades on, The Hill, March 25.

For the COVID pandemic we wear masks. For the pandemic of gun violence, what do we do?, USA Today, March 24.

US saw estimated 4,000 extra murders in 2020 amid surge in daily gun violence, The Guardian, March 24.

It's necessary: America's other deadly virus - mass shootings, The Enquirer, March 24.

Tiroteos masivos en EEUU: ¿Un mal crónico?, El Politico, March 23.

Where Minnesota lawmakers stand on solutions for gun violence, WCCO (CBS Minnesota), March 23.

Local expert: 'Break in the cycle' appears over following 2nd mass shooting in a week,, March 23.

Boulder shooting suspect charged with 10 counts of murder, Wall Street Journal, March 23.

A bleak, long and incomplete list of recent mass shootings, New York Times, March 23.

A list of recent mass shootings in the United States, New York Times, March 23. Reprinted: Seattle Times.

In America, getting back to “normal” brings fears of more mass shootings, Refinery29, March 23.

America can end its mass shootings by treating violent attacks like a contagious virus, Byline Times, March 23.

Why the US’s pandemic of gun violence is only getting worse, New Statesman, March 23.

How will America respond to two mass killings in a week?, Poynter, March 23.

Boulder, Colo., shooting that killed 10 was deadliest in US in nearly two years, Boston Globe, March 23.

After a year without mass shootings in American public places, there have been 2 in 6 days, People, March 23.

There have been 2 highly public US mass shootings in less than a week, a trend previously unseen during the pandemic, Business Insider, March 23. Reprinted: Yahoo News.

First Atlanta, then Boulder: Two mass shootings in a week, New York Times, March 23.

Mass shootings in public spaces had become less frequent during the pandemic, New York Times, March 19.

Why the Atlanta spa shooting feels different, The Week, March 17.

2020's huge increase in mass shootings, Wisconsin Public Radio, March 12.

Immunization not ammunition: School safety means fewer guns, USA Today, February 26.

Should armed guards be in schools? This JAMA study on shootings may surprise you, Fast Company, February 18.

Can armed officers reduce injury and death in school shootings?, Contemporary Pediatrics, February 18.

Study of school shootings suggests armed guards don’t reduce fatalities, The Trace, February 17.

New research finds armed officers increases likelihood of mortality at school shootings, MPR News, February 16.

Association of armed guards, severity of school shootings, EurekAlert, February 16.

'Warrior' police training is being offered across the US, CNN, January 30.

Thinking about data-driven policing in an era of social justice, Medium, January 23.

Blood, sweat, and fears: Understanding the psychological effects of graphic and violent media on children and teens, Children and Screens, January 22.


Why is London facing a crime epidemic? This is Local London, December 30.

In a year of pain, one silver lining: fewer mass shootings, Associated Press, December 29.

Tethered: how race and policing binds Minneapolis to Louisville, Twin Cities PBS, December 18.

As police departments outsource officer training to save money, society may be paying the price, Time, November 20.

The one Trump record he doesn’t want you to talk about: An unprecedented number of mass shootings, The Independent, October 29.

Two fatal shootings in Minneapolis push city's homicide total to 62, Star Tribune, September 30.

Unlikely research opportunity launches career path, Hamline University News, September 22.

Minnesota State forms taskforce on law enforcement education reform, Minnesota State, August 26.

The enforcer: the myth and reality of organised crime's hard man, The Conversation, August 19.

Daily bulletin: Expanded mass shootings database fleshes out the characteristics of perpetrators, The Trace, July 29.

Database of mass shooters revised and expanded, Associated Press, July 29.

Database of mass shooters revised and expanded, Financial Times, July 28.

Love Island and Geordie Shore TV hunks 'help turn Scots teens away from street violence', Daily Record, July 26.

Evil gangland knife thugs will carry out attacks in Scotland for just £800, Daily Record, July 19.

New crime research suggests law enforcement may be falling short due to little knowledge of ‘enforcers’, Birmingham City University, July 2.

Can higher education help fix America's policing problem?, The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 1, 2020.

Spate of shootings raises fears of a violent summer, Associated Press, June 23.

Petitions, concerns circulating in Bloomington and St. Paul over school resource officers, KSTP-TV, June 22.

‘It’s way past time to try something new’: The push to defund police. The Christian Science Monitor, June 19.

Warrior or guardian? How police training fails us, MinnPost, June 19.

Female involvement in gangs: A collective research project, MyPOV, June 16.

Minneapolis police officers disciplined in fraction of cases, Star Tribune, June 9.

Collective Response to the Killing of George Floyd, Metropolitan State University, June 3.

His name was George Floyd, Real Crime Profile, June 1.

Inside UK's most feared gang whose violence makes Gangs Of London yobs look tame, Daily Star, May 31.

As quarantines end, will mass shootings return? The Crime Report, May 29.

Perfect storm?: experts warn as reopenings begin, mass shootings could start again, Kaiser Health News, May 29.

Gatherings as states reopen could spell return of another dark American phenomenon: mass shootings, The Washington Post, May 28.

Lights, camera, fabrication with Daniel Kinahan propaganda film, Sunday Times, May 24.

What's an 'incel'?: Westgate suspect says he identifies with men who feel shunned by women, NBC 12 News, May 22.

New young gangs more likely to use social media to boost identity and status, says new study by academics at LSBU, London South Bank University, May 22.

Here's the full history of mass shooters from U.S.A., NewsGram, May 10.

PBS’ Frontline irresponsibly ignores the “media contagion effect” and gives notoriety to school shooters, Media Matters for America, March 26.

This woman survived a mass shooting and is working to prevent the next one, VICE News, March 15.

'We are shocked and dismayed': Family of Molson Coors shooter expresses sadness, heartache, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 28.

Study suggests these 5 gun reforms could prevent most mass shootings, The Hill Reporter, February 27.

How many mass shootings might have been prevented by stronger gun laws? Los Angeles Times, February 27.

Public safety and criminal justice reform finance and policy division, Minnesota House of Representatives, February 20.

House Education Policy Committee, Minnesota House of Representatives, February 18.

Too small to hire guards, too worried to go gun-free, community churches are now arming themselves, Washington Post, February 14.

History of mass shooters, Voice of America, February 14.

Parkland commemorates second anniversary of high school mass shooting, Voice of America, February 14.

Parents are Fighting Gun Violence Through Their School Boards, The Takeaway, February 12.

NEA report: Just say no to active shooter drills, Post Bulletin, February 12.

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Disturbing twist in Metro Vancouver gang war: rivals post rap songs advocating murder, Vancouver Sun, January 25.

Minnesota creators of 'Mass Shooter Database' sharing work with politicians, educators, police, Star Tribune, January 15.

Advocates work to reduce gun violence in US, China Daily Global, January 9.

US begins 2020 with spate of gun deaths, China Daily, January 9.

St. Paul marked most homicides in 25+ years, yet violent crime overall was lowest in those 2 decades, Pioneer Press, January 8.

Guns and God: a strange mix for mass murder, InsideOver, January 6.

2020 will be a big year for the gun issue, The Trace, January 3.

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